True East Mastering is an audio mastering studio based out of Nashville, TN owned and operated by Alex McCollough.

Mastering is the final stage of the creative process and the last step before a completed recording is sent for duplication, the bridge between vision and artifact.

Combining a unique vantage point outside the studio with specialized skills and equipment, mastering offers a fresh perspective and a variety of tools to realize an artist’s vision, as well as a last chance to identify and correct sonic issues. In the mastering process, mixes become albums and singles ready for release. With processes as simple as sequencing or track spacing, and as complex as surgical EQ processing and frequency-specific compression, a mastering engineer works with an artist or producer to realize and retain their original vision, and bring it to the world.

Alex McCollough has been a mastering engineer in Nashville since 2003, working on hundreds of projects with artists at every level of the industry, from major labels to independents.

Email Alex with any questions, or to get a quote.

Brooke Waggoner
Charlie Louvin
Clem Snide
Chuck Mead
Drivin N Cryin
Erin Rae and The Meanwhiles
Future Monarchs - Weird Weather
Jeffrey Foucault - Salt as Wolves
Jim Lauderdale - I'm a Song
John Prine - The Singing Mailman Delivers
Kelsey Waldon - The Gold Mine
Kort - Invariable Headache
Kris Delmhorst
Mac Wiseman
Lowe Country - The Songs of Nick Lowe
Dan Reeder
Simo - Let Love Show The Way
Steve Goodman - Don't Blame Me
The Coal Men - Kids With Songs
The Nobility - The Secret of Blennerhassett Island